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Take Care of Your Indoor Air!

Most homes typically have at least one indoor air quality issue. Since homes are now being built tighter, ventilation is reduced, and air pollutants may be trapped inside your home. This leaves indoor air quality among the top five environmental dangers according to the EPA. Consider how you can maintain the health of your family and improve your indoor air quality.

Seeing as you spend the majority of your time indoors especially in the winter, recognizing health concerns due to poor indoor air quality is essential. Indoor concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. Poor indoor air quality can cause watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, irritation and can worsen pre-existing allergies.

How can you prevent poor indoor air quality? We’ve put together a guide of several products to help improve air quality and remove bacteria at home.

Check out our Residential Indoor Air Quality or Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solutions. To keep the indoors comfortable while protecting it against contaminants call Binder Heating to schedule your free air quality consultation.