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Service plan agreement

Plan Terms and Conditions

Binder Heat and Air (“the Company”) will provide scheduled service twice per year to the “Customer.” The Company will attempt to schedule heating and cooling planned maintenance with Customer. However, it is the responsibility of Customer to ensure a planned maintenance visit is scheduled. Maintenance under this Plan will be performed during normal working hours (Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and scheduled at the Company’s discretion, before and after peak heating and cooling season. Company will only perform this maintenance on working systems; the repair of non-working systems is subject to applicable fees.

Services Provided

Customer has chosen the Equipment Maintenance Plan, which includes spring and fall routine maintenance on HVAC equipment named in this contract. The Spring routine maintenance includes: check A/C condenser coil, inspect A/C evaporator coil, check A/C refrigerant (Freon) levels, check A/C temperature drop, check furnace blower, and check and replace furnace filter(s) (if needed). The Fall routine maintenance includes: Check Furnace Ignition System, check burners, check and replace furnace filter(s) (if needed), check furnace electrical systems, inspect furnace heat exchanger, and clean furnace condensate drain.

Equipment Covered

Equipment covered in this basic package: one furnace and one air conditioner. Price will be adjusted if Customer has more or less HVAC equipment to maintain.


Customer agrees to pay the costs shown on this agreement for covered HVAC Equipment. Customer can pay annually, bi-annually, or monthly. Company may increase the Plan Fees on an annual basis.

Equipment and Services Not Covered

The package does not include repair of non-functioning HVAC equipment, replacement of any filter other than a 1” standard furnace filter, the addition of Freon to Air Conditioning system, or any other service not listed in the description of Services Provided above. Any other products and services will be billed separately. This package does not cover any preexisting conditions on any of the equipment listed in this Plan. Should Customer require any other service, for breakdowns or any other problems, Customer must contact Binder Heat and Air to schedule an appointment. All service work will be charged at the applicable standard service rate (after-hours rates will apply for after-hours service). As an Equipment Maintenance Plan Customer, you will receive a 10% discount on service calls placed between maintenance plan visits. Any travel distance of 35 miles or more will incur an additional truck charge.

Cancel Plan Participation

Customer may terminate this contract at any time by written notice to the Company.

Licensed and Insured

Binder Heat and Air is a licensed and insured contractor in the state of Minnesota. Binder Heat and Air is not responsible for loss or damage due to service by another company or individual, power loss, water, acts of God, or any other situation not in Binder Heat and Air’s control.