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How We Work With Commercial Facilities: HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

Every business needs an efficient and reliable heating and cooling system, which means they need a service to help them maintain it. In the Twin Cities, Binder is proud to be one of the most trusted options. We partner with business across the Twin Cities to keep their heating & air conditioning systems running effectively and reliably, which also helps reduce costs. Our main services include maintenance, replacement and installation, remodel and new construction.

We focus on the importance of preventative measures when prolonging the life of your HVAC unit through maintenance and performing any necessary repairs. We offer 24/7 service, routine inspections, ongoing maintenance, and furnace certifications. Our technicians are trained to handle a large variety of brands, and we can handle everything from rooftop units, furnaces, boilers, central A/C systems, kitchen hood vents, and make up air units, among others.

For replacement and installation, we can handle the entire replacement process when your system reaches the end of its lifecycle. We understand when a business does not have a working mechanical system, they are losing business! This can be especially frustrating when dealing with extreme temperatures that happen often in Minnesota, so we do our best to fit them in as soon as possible. We can put together an estimate that fits your budget, focus on choosing a system that reduces your overall energy costs, remove the old equipment, and then install it through our expert installers.

Remodel or new construction work is handled similarly to a replacement job. We work with the budget of your project to design a system that fits your needs, and then we’ll install it and take care of all the details.

However, we are also aware that some businesses do not have access to their HVAC because they are in a business park maintained by a management company. Even so, they still reach out to us for solutions to issues like indoor air quality, which should be a priority for every business. Luckily, we are prepared to recommend and install a variety of purification products such as the RGF Magnetic Mount PH1 Package Units, REME Halo Air Purification System by RGF, and the iWave-C Air Purifier by Nu-Calgon, which we detail on our commercial indoor air quality page.

Binder Heating & Air Conditioning has been a trusted partner for businesses in the Twin Cities for nearly a century. No matter the size of your business, we are equipped to help you maintain your HVAC system for the comfort of you, your customers, and your employees. Contact us if you’ve been having issues or want to save money on your energy costs.