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Why We Recommend Spring Tune-Ups for Your Air Conditioning

Welcome to spring! We’re all excited for the weather to finally start warming up and to see our priority customers for their annual appointments. Before we know it, those hot, humid summer days will be here, and homeowners don’t want to be stuck with hot air coming out of their system. We encourage tune-ups for a couple of key reasons:

Prevents costly future repairs that could have been avoided

No matter the appliance, routine maintenance helps catch smaller issues before they become big ones. An inspection lets you know how your air conditioning is doing, what may need repair, and how the parts are aging. An HVAC system in good condition over its lifetime can last for about 10-15 years. By keeping up on its maintenance, you won’t have to replace the system as often. Plus, once summer rolls around, you won’t be caught by surprise if your air conditioning does not turn on or fails to properly cool your home. It’s great for your budget long-term and comfort when those hot summer days hit.

Extends the life of the system

As mentioned above, tune-ups are a proactive way to avoid paying for a new system earlier than you want. Even small steps like replacing the air filter regularly or cleaning the condenser coils ensure that your air conditioning is running smoothly and it’s not working harder to push out air through a clogged filter. When it comes to worn-down parts, the same issue will happen. Essential parts like the condenser coils, compressor, refrigerant, motors, and electrical connections need to be in good condition and running smoothly to avoid putting strain on the entire system.

So what goes into a tune-up?

  • Clean parts like the condenser coils. They can easily build up scale and grime over time, which prevents optimum efficiency.
  • Test the electrical connections to make sure they’re working correctly and not drawing out too much or too little energy.
  • Check the refrigerant level. We’ll also inspect the parts to make sure a leak isn’t happening, which will cause the unit to push out lukewarm instead of cool air.
  • Make sure any wires or terminals are not corroding, which can happen over time.
  • Measure the airflow happening throughout the system and see if there are any issues.
  • Flush the condensate drain to avoid clogs.

Binder Heating and Air Conditioning offers an annual service plan for those who want to stay ahead of their HVAC needs and extend the life of their unit. Plus, once you’re signed up, you become a Binder priority customer. If your system runs into an issue, you’ll be our top priority.