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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hire an HVAC Expert: The Benefits of Annual Maintenance

A home and business are comprised of a lot of different moving parts that could need repair or maintenance at any time. Your HVAC system should not be low on your priority list – it’s essentially the lungs of your home! Whether you have a newer or older HVAC system, there are many benefits to setting up annual maintenance appointments:

Save money short- and long-term.

The harder an HVAC system has to work, the higher your energy bill will go. Annual maintenance makes sure your HVAC system is working in ideal form. When operating efficiently, your system saves energy and therefore money each month in the short term. Long-term, regular maintenance can extend the life of the system. Maintenance checks also help you avoid emergency breakdowns that can be expensive and very inconvenient.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from an expert’s opinion on the overall life expectancy of your current system so you can better plan when to do a replacement.

Enjoy better air quality.

Your HVAC system does more than just move air throughout your home or business—the right system also regulates the humidity and helps circulate cleaner air thanks to filters. This is one reason why it’s so important to change out the furnace filter each month. Dirt, allergens, and other containments easily build up on that filter (especially if you have kids or pets), so regular changes make sure you’re breathing optimal air. Additionally, a clean furnace filter allows your system to “breathe” better too. Clean filters allow air to pass through efficiently requiring less work on the part of the HVAC system.

Save yourself money and time while giving yourself peace of mind. The technicians at Binder Heating are trained in all major furnace and air conditioner brands, so we can stop by annually to ensure your home or business is getting the most out of your current heating and cooling system. If you’re in the Twin Cities, give us a call to learn more about our maintenance service and plans.