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When Is It Time to Replace Your HVAC System?

From hot summer days to cold winter nights, HVAC systems are essential year-round in Minnesota. Regular HVAC maintenance is important but just like anything else, eventually it will need to be replaced.

Signs Your HVAC Needs Replacing

In general, an HVAC system’s lifespan is 10-15 years depending on how much regular maintenance has been performed. Determining the right time for replacement isn’t always obvious. Short of waiting for complete failure, what is the best solution?

Most HVAC systems will provide insight into when replacement needs to be seriously considered. Some of the warning signs may include:

  • Odd sounds. While every HVAC system may make some odd noises from time-to-time, there are some sounds that are more worrisome than others. Noise when the blower turns on, banging sounds when the furnace shuts off, or generally more noises coming from the furnace room than normal are all indications that the HVAC system is struggling.
  • Increased running time. If you sense your HVAC system is having a harder and harder time maintaining your desired temperature and to do so it needs to stay on longer than before, something is amiss.
  • High energy costs. HVAC systems that constantly stop and start typically also come with higher energy bills.
  • Constant repairs start to add up. Just like a car that is continually in the shop, an HVAC system that needs frequent repairs may no longer be cost-effective for you. New units come with many advantages in energy savings and heating/cooling efficiencies. Another added benefit to replacement are the rebates many energy companies offer to customers with new systems.

Binder Heating and Air Conditioning offers financing and free estimates on all possible solutions so you know the expenses involved. Whether you need your HVAC system inspected/repaired, replaced, or you just want a review, Binder is here for you!