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Air Conditioning for Older Homes

Do you have a home that is heated with a hot water boiler? Did you know there are some great options for putting an air conditioning system in your home?

In the Saint Paul area, we see many older homes that have hot water systems and window AC units. While window air conditioners can do a great job, one excellent option for cooling homes that can provide better coverage is called a “mini-split” system.

Mini-splits use indoor units called “heads” that are connected to an outdoor condensing unit and work similarly to window A/Cs, but with a lot more cooling power. You can put up to three “heads” in a home with a single outdoor unit and can create cooling for the upper and lower living areas of your home. The heads can be controlled individually, so you can choose which rooms you want to cool. WiFi control options are available so you can control different rooms with ease right from your phone. Plus, mini-split systems have both “cooling-only” options and “heat and cool” options. This provides a great backup heat source if your boiler ever goes out!

Beat the heat and get the most out of your cooling system this summer. We’d love the chance to tell you about some great options for keeping your house cool. Learn more about mini-split systems here binderheating.com/mini-split-systems or contact us today for a free estimate! 651-451-8378