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What Are Geothermal HVAC Systems & What Are Their Benefits?

When owners are thinking about updating or replacing their HVAC systems, they often research and compare different appliance brands. However, there’s also a whole different type of HVAC system to consider: geothermal. A geothermal system can be used as a heating and cooling solution as it facilitates the transfer of heat between the earth and your home. Since underground temperatures remain somewhat consistent no matter the season, it can effectively do its process year-round. Warmer air is brought up from the earth during the winter and dispersing hot air out of your home during the summer.

Overall, we break down the benefits of this system into these top reasons:

Reduced use of fossil fuels and lower energy bills.

Geothermal systems use the natural temperatures found in the ground to heat or cool your home to reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, the high-efficiency heat pumps used in these systems require less energy to work, even though they will be more expensive upfront, they save homeowners money in the long-run with consistently lower energy bills. This makes them an eco-friendly choice many homeowners are interested in exploring.

Low maintenance and long-lasting system.

In general, geothermal systems are built to last and have extremely long-life spans. The heat pumps, compressor, and coils, and other parts can be maintained just like a regular HVAC system, but they overall have lower operational costs than a conventional HVAC system. On average, a typical conventional system lasts 12 to 15 years while a geothermal one lasts over 20.

Heating and cooling that works with nature.

A geothermal system works by using temperature-conducting fluid, either water or refrigerant, in pipes placed beneath or near the home. It works with the earth’s natural temperature to either heat or cool your home. In the winter, it circulates heat, using thermal energy from the ground, into the HVAC system and your home’s duct work. In the summer, it reverses that process so that the pump removes that heat from your home’s air and transfers it out of your home and into the ground.

Tax credits may be available.

There are actually federal and state incentives available to homeowners who choose to upgrade to geothermal systems through renewable energy programs.

To explore whether geothermal is the money-saving, eco-friendly option you’ve been missing, contact our experts at Binder Heating & Cooling. We can help you choose the best HVAC system for your home.