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The Pros and Cons of In-Floor Heating

Tired of your cold floors during these frigid Minnesota winters? Then it might be time to think about in-floor heating. We specialize in hydronic heating, which uses a boiler system to heat water that then moves through the tubing installed below the floor. However, it does come with considerations on both sides.


  • A hydronic system is known for its even heat distribution, so homeowners won’t have to worry about one area being hotter than others.
  • They are an energy-efficient and cost-effective option. With heated floors, your home’s temp may regulate a little easier during the winter, so you won’t have to use your furnace or heat pump as much.
  • Since the heating is focused in the floor and not the vents, there is less worry for allergens affecting the air quality.
  • It’s a quiet system that does not use fans or blowers, which is ideal for homeowners who are bothered by those aspects of their HVAC system.
  • It can be installed below carpet, hardwood, laminates, vinyl, and more, so you aren’t limited to only one flooring type.


  • Because in-floor heating requires installation in the floor, it can be disruptive for an already established home. It’s usually best to schedule for a new home so that it can be done during construction when they can properly outfit the home with all the necessary equipment.
  • It needs time to heat up, so many homeowners will leave it on consistently so there’s not a lull between times when its warm. While the cost of operation is on the lower side, it does mean more energy consumption on your bills.
  • If it’s installed in an already established home, then the flooring will need to be removed and replaced. Since the hydronic system needs those tubes to be installed for proper heating, it will also elevate the floor height slightly.

Overall, the low maintenance and uniform heating capabilities are a great benefit during these cold Minnesota winters, but we find in-floor heating is best when installed in a new home or in a home that already has the system in place in other areas. Either way, our experts will work with you to plan out whether you want a full home installation or maybe just in floor heating in your newly remodeled bathrooms or bedrooms. Give Binder Heating & Air Conditioning a call if you’ve been considering in-floor heating, and we’ll walk you through the job and estimates. We are licensed and insured to serve homes and businesses in the Twin Cities metro.