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The Importance of Furnace Maintenance Every Fall

A home’s HVAC system is an investment in many ways. In general, it’s important to start off with the right system for the size of your home, but you also need to get it tuned up routinely before peak seasons. With fall coming up, now’s the time to get your furnace maintenance checked off for the year.

But why are tune-ups so important?

To increase the furnace’s lifespan.

The more your furnace has to overwork itself due to failing parts or a dirty system, the more it wears down. Maintaining the system helps it work at its peak, so you can get the most out of the unit. It’s just fact: a maintained heating unit has a longer lifespan than one that does not get the recommended services done.

To improve efficiency.

Along with increasing the furnace’s overall lifespan, a maintained furnace will also save on energy costs. The unit needs more energy to properly heat your home if it has to work against clogs, leaks, or worn-down parts.

To reduce the chance of breakdowns.

Every tune-up includes a cleaning of the system to make sure the airflow isn’t limited by dirty filters or sensors or clogs in the exhaust vent. As air works through the system, it naturally causes build-up that makes it work slower over time and may cause breakdowns at the most inopportune moments. Catching a problem early can help you make a plan to fix or replace items that fit your budget and needs. When the HVAC system remains clean and inspected for any broken parts, the air quality also improves.

To keep your family safe.

Furnaces are powered by fuels like natural gases, oil, or propane. If a leak happens, carbon monoxide could leak into your home and cause some serious health problems. This is why every homeowner should have working CO detectors in the house and get your furnace checked out yearly.

To maintain the warranty.

Many manufacturer warranties require yearly tune-ups to maintain its legitimacy. If you fail to get your furnace maintenance checked off or keep record of the service, then the warranty will most likely be considered null and void.

To save money.

It’s not just the advantage of lower energy costs to look forward to. We offer service plans that give a whole list of benefits:

  • Fall furnace tune-up
  • Spring AC tune-up
  • 10% off all service calls
  • Priority scheduling

To fit your budget, homeowners have the choice of a monthly or yearly payment plan. Either way, it ends up saving you money in the long-term.

Read more about our service plans or schedule your fall tune-up. Now’s the time! Binder Heating & Air Conditioning is a family-owned company and has been serving the Twin Cities metro for over 90 years.