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The Basics of HVAC Needs for Property Management Companies

It’s important for rental properties to keep up on HVAC maintenance so their tenants aren’t left in the sweltering heat or bitter cold without any support—especially with air conditioning units already working overtime during this hot summer.


A regular schedule based on recommended HVAC maintenance will be the best way to save money long-term and keep your tenants happy. All units have an average lifespan, but by maintaining the system, you can help prevent premature failure. Routine maintenance includes checking the belts and bearings yearly to see if they’re worn down enough to be replaced. The thermostat should be assessed to make sure it’s working correctly and will continue to properly manage the temperature of the apartment. The coils will need to be cleaned to help the system operate more smoothly. In general, having a technician come in for a spring and fall check-up will make sure the HVAC system is ready for the more extreme temps of summer and winter.

Partnering with a Company

When the HVAC system needs repair, it’s best to bring in a technician who specializes in that type of repair. Ask if they are able to partner with businesses and if they offer any kind of annual service programs. Typically, those programs save homeowners and businesses money long-term, and they can also stay on top of their maintenance needs. In addition, they now have a relationship with the company when larger repairs or a replacement is needed. Once it does come time for complete replacement, the management team will have a trusted source to find the perfect HVAC system that fits their needs and budget.

Inform Your Tenants

Tenants will appreciate a heads-up on how they can maintain the short-term needs of their HVAC system, whether it’s an air conditioning unit in the wall, baseboard heaters, or central air/heat. Typically, the tenants won’t have access to the utility room where they can regularly replace the filters for central air, so the maintenance team should be aware of that need. An in-wall unit, however, will work best if its filter is cleaned monthly.

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