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Furnace Maintenance: What to Expect

A tuned-up and ready to perform HVAC system is essential in Minnesota. Our wide variation in temperatures each year ensures a home’s heating and cooling will be used and, as with any mechanical feature of a home, endure wear and tear with each year of use. Spring and Fall checkups are important to catch problems early so you’re not left with a cold home on a winter morning.

Our process. Our HVAC system check-up process is thorough and systematically checks for the most common problems. We check for any blockages or poor connections within the vent system, air intakes, blowers, or electrical connections. It is also important for us to check for a blue burner flame. Our trained technicians will check the condenser to be sure it hasn’t corroded.

Clean is good! A clean furnace is a happy one. If dust and dirt are allowed to collect, it could be the cause of an unexpected breakdown. After we finish cleaning, we will test your system to make sure it is running smoothly for you. In the check we are making sure we have proper airflow, good fuel pressure, and making sure there are no dangerous fumes present.

Save time, money, and hassles. Regular maintenance on your furnace can save you money, time, and headaches in the long run. The experienced team at Binder Heating is highly trained to provide a proper tune up and assessment. We’ll walk you through any recommended repairs to extend your equipment’s life and keep it running efficiently.

Review our recommended service plans and gain peace of mind with a regular maintenance schedule.