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Fall is the Best Time to Replace an HVAC System

Welcome to fall! While we’re loving the cooler weather and beautiful sights, we’re also prepping for the prime season of new unit installations. It might be a surprise to some, but now is actually the perfect time to schedule that service. The reasons are:

Companies have more scheduling options.

As the in-between season to summer and winter, fall weather is often mild enough that homes don’t have to rely on their HVAC system as much, which means they’re not being potentially overworked. In general, this means fall and spring are typically our “off” seasons where we don’t have as many repair appointments. Once you have to crank up the AC or heating, that’s when people start to see issues. This is why it’s much easier for homeowners to schedule a replacement in fall since there’s more availability.

To get ahead of breakdowns.

If you’ve got an older HVAC unit that just needs to be replaced, then it’s better to do that before it breaks down in the middle of a cold winter day. An older unit might work fine during the fall because of the mild weather, but then homeowners begin to walk that fine line between a working and failing system. Be proactive and get that replacement done in one of the off seasons.

Enjoy better energy-efficiency.

If your old unit has been costing you more and more in energy bills, then getting this replacement done before the heating goes on full blast means you’ll most likely have lower bills. While you did have to pay for a new unit, you can at least enjoy lower monthly bill payments that will save you money in the long run.

Gives more time to consider your options.

Instead of waiting until your unit breaks down, knowing you’ll be replacing it gives you more time to plan your options. If you haven’t used a heating & cooling company before, then you’ll have time to research. When a unit fails suddenly, you don’t always get your first choice in a company if they don’t have immediate openings. Plus, by knowing you’ll be doing that replacement, you can better plan out your budget. It’s essential to think of your HVAC unit as an investment so you get the right one for your home and also focus on reliability.

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