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Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

Just like any heating system, it’s a problem when your boiler starts having issues or breaks down during the cold months. Luckily, we’re experts at all types of heating repairs! If your home is heated by a hot water boiler, you should be aware of the following signs that it needs servicing: 

Unusual sounds 

You may hear a variety of normal sounds from your boiler when it’s starting up or running, but some noises are cause for concern. If you hear clunking, whirring, or banging, the pump or fan could need replacing. A whistling or gurgling sound is likely due to low water pressure or debris that has accumulated. To know for sure what the issue is, you’ll want to call in the experts. 

Bad smells 

There are a few different bad smells that could be coming from your boiler. Burnt metal or plastic smells are likely due to overheating, and the system should be turned off until someone can come take a look. The most important smell to recognize is a sulfurous, rotten egg smell, which could be a gas leak. If that’s the case, open the windows, turn off the gas valve, evacuate the house, and contact the National Gas Emergency number.  

Higher energy bills 

It’s no secret that energy bills can increase in the winter, but if there’s a huge increase, the issue could be with your boiler. Whether it’s a leak or a broken component, getting the problem fixed can save you money. If your boiler is over 15 years old, however, the better solution may be to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model. 

Water leaks 

A water leak is an obvious sign that something is wrong, but the actual problem may not be simple to pinpoint. There could be a loose pipe connection or a faulty pump seal. Rather than trying to fix it yourself, it’s best to call the professionals to make sure the problem is fixed correctly.  

No heat or hot water 

If you find yourself shivering or don’t have any hot water, it’s a clear sign that your boiler needs attention. There could be a number of reasons why your boiler isn’t working, and you should call an emergency line so you’re not left in the cold. Binder has a 24/7 emergency number, and we’ll get to you as fast as we can. A non-functioning boiler can result in burst pipes, causing a significant amount of damage to the home. 


No matter what seems to be wrong with your boiler, the experts at Binder Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help. We’ll inspect the boiler, let you know what the problem is, and provide your options for the solution.