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Remodeling and Replacing the HVAC System

It’s that time of year. Remodeling season. Summers in Minnesota are a busy time for house projects, but this year that may be even more true. With all the time we’ve been spending in our homes the last couple of months, many families are choosing to invest in their home versus taking a family vacation or doing other activities. Is your family one of them?

Upgrading your home may include a remodeling or addition project. It also may include upgrading major appliances like your furnace or air conditioner. If your home’s HVAC systems is approaching 15+ years, you should consider replacing it. Even the most well-maintained system is on borrowed time once it hits 15 years of use. Unexpected breakdowns and loss of efficiency are key reasons to make your move to change them out now.

Signs your HVAC system needs replacement include:

  • Rising energy bills. Even the most well-maintained system will become less efficient with age.
  • Rooms are heating or cooling unevenly. As systems age, it becomes more difficult to push warm or cool air through to all rooms of a home.
  • Rattles, bumps, squeaks, or other noises coming from the furnace of air conditioner are signs that it needs maintenance or replacement.
  • There are visible signs of rust or cracks around the furnace.
  • Frequent repairs. Just like a car, at some point it no longer makes sense to fix it.

New HVAC system models are highly efficient and energy saving. So much so, there are rebate incentives in place from energy suppliers like Xcel Energy for those who upgrade their old worn out systems with new.

If you’re on the fence about whether you need a new furnace, we can help. Our trained technicians can do a full inspection of your current system and let you know the areas most likely to need attention in the near and long-term future. We will also clean and fix/replace anything that is currently broken. Our maintenance contracts are an excellent way to extend the life of your HVAC system and help you create a plan on when to replace your current system. For more information on our maintenance plans, visit us online at https://binderheating.com. Or call us today for service or a consultation on replacing your furnace or air conditioner.