Central humidifiers can protect your family and your home from unhealthy effects of over-dry air. At Binder Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re trained to provide maintenance, repair, and installation for home humidifier systems.

How It Works


Central humidifiers are installed directly to your central heating and cooling system. Water vapor is then added to your home’s air through the normal functioning of your heating system.

Unlike portable units, central humidifiers continually monitor humidity levels in your home to deliver the right amount of moisture throughout the house. They also don’t require daily cleaning, and you never need to worry about the risk of microbial organism growth due to standing water.

Benefits of Home Humidifiers

Comfort and Health

  • Dry air can prevent your body from getting the moisture it needs, leaving you and your family with itchy skin, dry nose, and throat symptoms and increasing the chance of upper respiratory problems.

Home Protection

  • Dry air pulls moisture from walls and hardwood floors which leads to cracks that may need repair. Furniture, artwork, and electronics can also be damaged by dry air.

Energy Savings

  • Many homeowners turn up the thermostat when they feel cold. Central humidifiers allows you to feel warmer at lower thermostat settings, saving on your heating bill.

Brands We Install

At Binder, we install Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifiers, the first brand to offer evaporative, flow-through design humidifiers.

Providing the best combination of value and convenience, Aprilaire humidifiers include digital controls to monitor temperature and humidity levels as well as easy troubleshooting and maintenance reminders.

Great experience. I ended up wanting to upgrade the humidifier to an automatic version and my installer happily went back to the shop to get the upgraded item. Everything is working great – would recommend using this firm to all.

–Angie’s List Review

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